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Black And Yellow's Podcast


Just like any podcast, we aim to stand out, We are an active podcast grouped together like a link in a chain looking to broadcast our sessions as well as explaining, talking about, and exploring the beauty of life.

This podcast is intended for people who are outgoing, confident, and holistically an awesome person. Not only will our podcast have unique topics but just genuinely unique people talking on them as well.

As a small podcast we distribute our knowledge through conversation and give our perspectives to the world through sound. If you are fatigued of listening to the same podcasts about the same issues over and over, you should check us out. We talk about all types of different experiences that can go from random to relatable.

Living in the young generation of 'millennials' we took the name as a reference to our skin colors to make the idea more of a fun and uplifting thought rather then running with the racial views people tend to believe!

Would love to get to know ya'll, email us for an inquire about the show!
We want your perspective to be heard to the world!!

Aug 26, 2019

The Podcast you've all been waiting for, and the one you all need! This Podcast is an interview with Amatur astronomer Jayse about Interstellar space. We discuss how we know what we know about space and of course on the interesting conspiracy involved in it!

join us on our adventure into the...

Apr 26, 2019

This week, Sean was able to be brought out on to the Slide Thru podcast in beautiful, sunny Monterey California!

In this episode, we talk all sorts of guy talk from who Sean is, to battle rap, 4/20 celebrations and more! 

Give this episode a listen as it was processed in a different approach where we were interviewed...

Mar 26, 2019

The Boss Alliance didn’t start as the clothing company you know of today, It started as a planner in the Literal and figurative form. When Mauri set out to create this brand; the goal was to give people the tools to build the best version of themselves, to plan to achieve their dreams just as she is doing. In the...

Oct 20, 2018

Today we dive into a quick Miller Minute 

We discuss reasons why you should get a bike and get active!

Sep 6, 2018

This past week we had a San Jose Native come to the podcast and speak on Videography around the Bay Area! He gives us insight on his process from working with artists to the biggest pet peeves and everything in between of what it takes to be a full time videographer! Check in and listen in as we bring on the...